Always the same

My daughter is constantly giving me a hard time because I repeatedly buy the same things over and over again.


I showed you my jean collection. All exactly the same at various stages of fading out.

What you may not have noticed since there aren’t a lot of pictures of me is that I where two tank tops every single day. One colored, usually grey or maroon, and then a black one on top because black doesn’t show how filthy I usually am. Then my boots are always the same brand and style, just slightly different colored tops and I wear a hat. There is however one more thing I were every single day.

My watch. It has become such a part of my day that I put it on first thing in the morning as I get out of bed. I just feel wrong without it on my wrist. I happen to love my watch. I got the first one in this particular style in 1992 in Arizona at a flea market with my grandparents. I lasted me almost 10 years. When it broke, I happened to find another one almost exactly it, so I bought 2 so I wouldn’t have to be without if something again. Those were 2 very uncomfortable weeks. The second one worked for about 7 years, the third one worked for about 6 and actually still works ok but I broke the face so it is very hard to read it. I went and got my 4th watch after I cracked the face of #3 and started wearing it earlier this year.

Then Sunday morning I went to set my watch back for the end of Daylight savings time. Wouldn’t you know, the little knob was broken off! I am going to forever be an hour ahead! That is not going to work. So off to town I rush. Of course you know I am wearing my broken faced watch, because I have to have a watch. Thankfully they had one! Crisis averted!

So here are watches #3, #4, #5.


Some day I should really mix things up, but I just can’t get past ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.