The Big Guys

All through the year, each tractor has its own jobs to do. During the summer months I use the M and the 560 a lot. Once Fall hits though, the big guys come out.


The 1586 does about anything.


The 1270 is the first cabbed tractor Dad ever bought. I will never forget being about 6 years old and watching him proudly drive it in the driveway. This tractor has done some work in the last 35 years. It still does a lot of work. Chopping, round baling, disking, chopping stalks, plowing, pulling the grain cart are the main things.


The 2594 is one of the newer tractors. It does most of the big work, grain cart, chisel plowing and whatever else requires a bigger guy.

I have come to enjoy these tractors, although I was a little intimidated when I was first driving them. However the sheer amount of hours you can spend in these guys make you learn about all their little quirks. While I am more comfortable with them all now I am still pretty careful.