Feeding Calves

When I first started helping Brother, one of the first jobs I got to do was feed the calves. These are the yearlings, that he has raised and a few he buys. There is usually around 70 or so.


Originally there were bunks in the pens, and I had to fill around 15 buckets of corn and 2-3 buckets of protein, put them in the back of the truck, drive over to the pen, back up and lift the buckets over the fence and dump them. Then repeat to feed the calves on the other side. I will say, I was in pretty good shape after a couple months of that. Brother also had to put out 2-3 round bales per pen.

While I would have continued doing that every day, Brother is a always looking for a better way. So he came up with one.


His Father in Law is pretty handy and helped him out by building these new feed bunks Brother designed. They are very nice and work really well. One side lifts so Brother can fill them with the feed wagon. He fills it with ground hay, corn and protein.

20161019_104054He then fills both side and lets the calves in.


I sure think it works well. The calves seem to enjoy these bunks as well. They can’t knock these over and can’t move them around which was always a problem before. There definitely isn’t as much waste from the round bales.