At the Apple Orchard

As I said before, the days have not been good for drying so we are in a holding pattern. So we had time to make the trip over to Center Grove Orchard. It’s not to far from us and I grew up with the family that runs it. They are amazing people who have set up the entire place to be fun. Exhausting, but fun.


I took the same crew, without Gramma and Madelyn. These three were having the best day ever anyway, so we might as well just keep going!


I think it is a requirement that you go immediately to the corn pit. I don’t like being covered in corn dust, but apparently the kids love it.


It was basically a wrestling match with these three. They seem to wrestle continuously.


Then we have to head back in time to the old school and the nursery rhyme houses. Once they had run through all of them we went through and looked at the animals. They have pretty neat little set up for kids to check out a variety of different types of animals. I laughed at how much time they spent there. You goofs do realize we have al those animals at home, right?


Not sure the tires were set up for this, but they sure had a good time running through them.


Up to the Discovery Barn. It’s a pretty neat hay loft. They have it set up so that kids can ‘harvest’ the different types of crops, like eggs, corn, carrots, potatoes, grapes, tomatoes and also see the difference between corn/soybeans and hay/straw and feel wool and take all their produce to the market.


Then the bounce pillow. This is pretty much the reason Landon came. He loves to jump. Off things, on things, just jump. They spent a lot of time jumping.


Then we went on the go cart type peddle tractors.


The next stop was the big slide. It’s a really good big slide. the tube at the top is a little concerning, but don’t worry you won’t hit your head. They did that a couple times until they were distracted by the pig and goat races.


This was actually pretty funny. The pigs and goats all had costumes on.


Then on to the rotten apple slingshot. They worked pretty had at trying to hit the targets.


They had to pose for another picture.


This is the ‘cool’ pose. These three!


We stopped for supper at the Bunk House. It was really good. Ever had applesauce from an apple orchard? You should! They make a pretty mean burger too!


Then we took the hayrack ride to the corn maze. We had a minor injury during that, so not a lot of pictures, but don’t worry everyone survived. Just a minor bruise and a reminder that corn stalk stumps are really hard. After that, they were off to the combine slide. They thought this was pretty neat because they got to slide right through the back of the combine.


It’s actually really cool. Things I would never think of.

After that it was getting chilly and heading for time to close. We had one last stop. The train.


Of course they had to sit clear in the back and I didn’t get a picture of the engine. It’s a great little train ride. By the time we got back though, the wind has really changed directions and the temperature had really dropped. It was a chilly hayrack ride back to the store. They all got a caramel apple, I got my apple cider donuts, Honey crisp apples, and apple cider. We all came away tired and happy. It was a really great day.


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