Making meals

So I have been noticing that my children’s suppers are kind of lacking. By lacking I mean at times non-existent. With Hubby working out late most nights in preparation for his upcoming MMA fight, he isn’t around to help. Madelyn is rarely home because she is a teenager. So that leaves the boys. While they know how to make certain things, you can only have ham sandwiches or hot pockets so many times in a row. So if I am going to be working late I need to do something.


I started by making a loin and slicing it for a quick sandwich. I used my Uncle Cowboy John’s rub and it turned out delish!


Meanwhile, I browned about 5 pounds of hamburger, to add to the spaghetti sauce, lasagna, chili and goulash I am also making ahead. I also browned some stew meat for mulligan stew.


The chili simmered along with the spaghetti sauce while waiting on the hamburger to get done. This I will probably freeze half of, along with half of the spaghetti sauce. That can be a couple meals.


Once the hamburger was done, I put the lasagna together. This is one of my favorites. It’s a recipe I got from my dear friend Jackie for my wedding. She sent me the best gift, a hand painted jar full of her recipes.


This one will make about 4 meals.


So now I have things prepped for a number of meals and the boys will have a homecooked meal, even if I am not around. Then the rest of us can eat when we get home, and I don’t have to try to throw something together.