At the Pumpkin Patch

I love Halloween. Actually, I just love fall and Halloween is a fun part of it. I waited until the last minute to run to the pumpkin patch with the kids. My youngest was a little panicked we weren’t going to make it. But the days have not been good for drying, so Brother didn’t have anything he needed me to do, so off we went. We grabbed Niece#4 to spend the day with us.


As soon as they got there, they took off to pick the best pumpkin. It is very important to pick a good one!


Thankfully there were lots of good ones to choose from!


It’s pretty serious business and the discussions were pretty intense between these two. They looked over everything trying to find the one they liked the best.


With the pumpkins finally chosen and delivered up to the table to be weighed, they were off to the other fun waiting for them!


The corn pit was especially fun. Even better when your other cousin shows up! Of course they went to visit the face painter first. She does a pretty good job making up whatever they want. Of course, since the face painter happens to be my daughter, I might be biased.


There was a lot of rolling, digging, falling and burying.


But really, what is more fun than rolling in corn?


He tried to bury himself, he did better burying his brother.


See the face laying beside him? Yeah, that’s Landon. This wasn’t quite good enough.


Ahhh, that’s better. He loved it. They spent a lot of time in the corn.


Denton stayed down in the corn pit for most of the time we were there. Who knew how much fun a corn pit could be.


The other two boys went to play Yard Jenga. They thought this was pretty tricky.

Us girls decided to try Yard Yatzee.


This I think we are going have get. It was pretty fun.


They even had a pretty neat Yatzee scorecard.


We didn’t finish completely. But it was a fun time in some beautiful weather.


So then we took a break and had dinner. Pulled pork sandwiches, chips, pickle and drink. Pretty tasty little picnic food.


Then we were off for a hay ride! Up the loading chute to find a seat.


The whole crew! They even let the face painter join us.


It’s so peaceful out at Eden Hills. We got to peak at the new girl llamas and all the other goats. Traveled around looking at the scenery.


It’s just pretty and relaxing out on a hayrack going the speed of tractor.


This smile makes the long day worth it. Loved her butterfly face.


Just being silly. There was a lot of that through out the day.


My three kiddos. The sun might have been in their eyes!


Of course you can’t leave without visiting the market. They had some gourds! So cool and so many different types and colors.


I could have spent a lot more than I did. I love these old windows with the string and clothes pins. My problem is I have 3 wall hangings at home that I haven’t found a place for yet. So I will wait on these. For now. But I want one!


This building is full of fun crafts from local artists. And they truly are artists. There are some very talented people from my town. One does wood working, I really want a birdhouse. That will be a one of these days things. There is one that does horseshoe and metal art. I got a couple things from her. A horseshoe cross and a moon and star. Another one does crafts with things from nature. I loved her little wooden pumpkins, and the pumpkins made from old books. She even took some of the metal art from the other artist and incorporated it into a new piece. Another one made earrings, dream catchers and beautiful Indian corn decorations out of feathers and all kinds of things found in nature. They really are beautiful. I got a few of them for teacher gifts. Of course there is all the goat milk soap, lotion, candles, locally raised popcorn, handmade snacks and jams,¬†and local honey. Just a lot of fun things! If you are in the area, make sure to make a point to make it. It is truly fun for all ages! And if you didn’t make it out but are wanting to check out some of the fun craft and gift ideas, the On the Farm Market will be open on Saturdays starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving. You should check it out at Eden Hills.


Of course the most important part of going to the pumpkin patch is carving the pumpkins. The boys did a good job, carving them mostly themselves this year. I love carving pumpkins, mostly because I love making pumpkins seeds!