A beautiful, crappy, rainy day Part 2

It is with a heavy heart that I post today. My prayers and sympathies are with the Urbandale and Des Moines Police Departments, and the families and friends that lost 2 selfless public servants this morning for absolutely no reason. To who ever did this unspeakable act, may God have mercy on your soul.

So I was telling you that Sister and Niece#4 and I had gone to Kalona to the sale. After we got done in town, we were starting to head for home and discussing where our turn was. We, for no reason, other than we had time, decided to take a different route home. About 2 miles up the road, while enjoying the scenery and the beautiful homes we came across the neatest looking little place. Well seeing as we were on a two lane road and pulling a trailer with a car behind us, we went up to the next road and turned around. We hoped there would be room in their driveway to get in and out.


Yes, the place is called Sisters’ Garden & Bloom. We had to stop! Besides the fact that the sign caught our attention on our little sister adventure, the antiques!!


This place is packed! We couldn’t believe the amount of things they had in these two old houses. It was unbelievable!


This house was the original one on the homestead. It was breathtakingly beautiful inside and outside. I could live there easily.


It had this amazing bay window in front and was just full of amazing old pieces.


I wanted one of their signs. I thought this was a great name and they had signs all over.


They had a great mix of old vintage pieces mixed with some new things and made into great décor.


The nooks and crannies were all filled and I couldn’t tell if I was enjoying the antiques or the house more.


They redid the banister with an old picket fence. What a great idea! They had pretty much left the rest of the house the was left basically the way it must have been years ago.


Outside we found a building mad completely of old windows and doors. It would make an adorable green house!


It was such a neat little building, also full of cute antiques.


Then there was the whole other little house. Just as adorable as the first.


It had a little loft and was full of new and used and remade and repurposed and fun. We spent a lot of time walking around and just looking. Sister found a couple first edition Charlie Brown books from 1968 and a picture that was just her. I found a shirt(new) but it was just kind of me and an old frame that is just what I have been looking. As we were checking out I saw that there were a couple cd’s laying on the counter. I asked her if that was the music that was playing. It was and she explained that the artist is a violinist named Genevieve from Des Moines. I bought a cd and should have bought all three of them. I am going to wear it out listening to it. If you get the chance to check out her work, I highly recommend it as well!

I have to say, if you are down around the area, you definitely should stop in a visit this great little shop on Highway 1. What treasure this area has tucked away on a back road. I am going to work harder at finding these out of the way places Iowa has hidden in plain sight.

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