A beautiful, crappy, rainy day

Title sounds a little odd right? Well we got rained out doing beans, and it didn’t appear to be letting up that day, so I was able to take a day off. I could have hung around home and done some work, but Sister had a much better idea.


Yeah, we went to the sale barn. But not the usual sale barn. This one is in Kalona, Iowa. The trip down takes about 2 hours. We had the trailer with us to haul all the animals we were selling. She took her older chickens, some random chickens they had collected over the years, and Dash the goat. I took most of our rabbits, all the adult guinea pigs except Gizmo, the 3 (once baby now full grown) ducks, and the two roosters. First the sheep sold.


Then a variety of breeds of goats. They were all sizes and all ages.


Bucks, Does, Wethers, Does with Kids, all kinds. After the goats they sold a few pigs. We didn’t stay and watch them sell.


We went for food. The sale barn has a café called the Lunchroom. Now most sale barns I have been to have pretty good food. This is definitely one of the best!


Oh, yeah, we had a tag along. Niece#4 went along.


After we ate the pigs were done so we headed to the other room where the eggs, rabbits, chickens, and really whatever else you could think of was to be sold. They had a ton of eggs! They went anywhere from $.50 to $1.00. The chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs all sold fairly quickly and so we decided not to sit through the rest of the things to be sold.

We wanted to stop at the General Store up town. Now with a trailer everything becomes slightly more difficult, including parking. We had a walk back to the Main Street district. What a pretty little town.


It’s kept up and really pretty. I love old buildings like this though. But there is also a peacefulness to this town that is refreshing.


It is an Amish community and I love listening to the clip clop of the horses going down the street.


They are such amazing animals. So well broke and calm.


They even have very cute little parking garages.


They had a renovation project in 2010 and have these beautiful quilt blocks on every corner.


I was all set to take a picture of every single one. Then I realized how many there were. But they were so pretty!


They have some beautiful restaurants that look like they might deserve a stop on another trip back. I think we are going to try to take Mom with us. She would enjoy this quaint little town a lot.

Once we were done looking around in town, we decided to head for home. As we headed out of town, we loaded the gps to tell us where our turn was. However, since it had been forever since Sister and I did much of anything together and we had time. We decided to take a different route. And that my friend is when the real fun happened! But, since that would make this the longest blog post ever, you better stop by tomorrow and see what we found!