While I am waiting

While I am waiting on Brother to get a load to dump on the grain cart, there isn’t a lot to do. Sometimes I get out and walk laps around the grain cart. If I see a rock I will pick it up. Of course I take pictures.

When Mom brings me food, I eat it!


Apple Crumble Pizza. This is a new one and it’s pretty yummy!


This is my favorite, Daddy’s Chocolate Pie. It made me so happy I ate desert first. You know life is short and all.


But a lot of the time I read. And yes, I still read actual, physical books. No technology book things here. I like bookmarks, I like turning pages. I have already finished 2 books this harvest. I really like to read in my spare time. Of which I don’t have a lot except in the winter. I read a lot of books in the winter. It makes time go faster and I can relax a little while I read.