Friday’s Hunt v. 2.17

Welcome back to another Friday’s Hunt! What a beautiful week it has been here in Iowa! We are busy and going to stay busy here the next few weeks so I missed linking up with the rest of the Friday’s Hunters! Bummer, but you can still go check them out at Eden Hills This week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and Fall or Spring.

For Letter Q, I am doing Quitting Time. Our Quitting Time is all over the place during the fall. Of course the days are getting shorter, so being up before the sun and going to bed long after it set is not unusually. We are currently working on beans. 3 fields down, 2 more to go.


My Weeks Favorite is of the bright moon, although it was a little hazy, while I was unloading one evening. And of course I love any picture with the M in it!


Fall is the time of harvest around here. These three get to see a lot of action during the fall.

20161020_141850 (2).jpg

Thanks for joining me for another Hunt!


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