Rainy and cold

I don’t like to complain. I usually try not too. But last week there was a day that was rainy and, yes cold. I don’t ever complain about the heat. But I don’t like to be cold. No, not at all. It is definitely getting worse as I get older.

I started my day by getting feed for Brother and myself. With the rain starting, I got out my tarp and covered it up. I had no idea what time I would be able to unload it.


Then we went to move cows home. 3 different groups from 3 different pastures.


It’s time to preg check all the cows. They thankfully got the cows in the night before, so it was really just loading and taking them home.


It was like this all day. It just wouldn’t stop.


This was my view most of the day.


Unless the wipers just went. Then I just saw the back end of these two.


They lead and took cows home while I went ahead to get ready and set up at the next pasture.


While it was cold and kind of miserable to be out in, when it should be lovely and beautiful fall weather, everything went perfectly and everyone is where they need to be and very thankfully Brother has a lot of cows to calf this coming spring! Now we can go warm up!

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