Oh jeans

I love jeans. I wear them every single day. I also tend to, when I find something I like, buy it over and over and over again. My Daughter thinks I have issues. I think I have repetitive style.

So I went to bale hay the other day and grabbed my last clean pair out of the drawer. Well they were clean when I got them out.


Darn it. Every singleĀ other pair is dirty in the washer. Ugh. So I went to bale hay with holes in my jeans.

So the next day, I go to the pile of jeans in the basket that I haven’t folded yet and grab a clean pair to go bale hay again. By the end of the day…


Seriously? This is becoming a problem. Of course the odds that these two pairs are less than 3 years old is slim. I wear them until I absolutely can’t. These two will actually go to my friend to be patched. Or used as patches.


So since I am now down to 10 pairs, it’s time to make a trip to Theisens.


I love these jeans. I should probably buy a pair every month in case they ever stop making them. Maybe I do have problem.