I had to make a feed run. I need a lot of feed. I also need a lot of different feed.


This is from 2 stops. I have 4 places I get feed from. Each place has about the same stuff, but I am cheap and have figured out which place has the cheapest of each feed.

As I unload them I try to put most of the feed in sealable containers, you know in case anyone decides to get out, they can’t have an all you can eat buffet. Also because my barn is old and tends to leak a little lot when it rains. Then there is the fact that wild animals don’t care how much you spent on feed, they will tear open any bag and help themselves. Now since having Piper in the barn I haven’t seen wild critters like I used to, but it also isn’t winter or spring when they seem especially hungry.

When you have different kinds of animals, some of them can have certain things in their feed and some of them can’t have certain things. For example, copper. Goats, horses, and cattle are ok with copper in their feed. Sheep? Not so much. So I have to make sure that things are as protected as I can.




Oats are one that I don’t have a container for yet. If anyone gets out and eats a bunch of oats, while it won’t be great, it shouldn’t hurt anyone. I use the oats for feeding Chevy and Chrome.


Shelled whole corn


The whole corn is for Chevy, Chrome, and mostly JD. The horses get about half corn and half oats. JD is eating about 17 pounds of corn a day.


ADM Protein

This is the protein that I add to JD’s corn. He gets about a pound of protein (which is that sour cream container full) a day.


Cracked Corn


The cracked corn is for the 7 big girl goats. They don’t really need grained, but since Indi won’t let anyone eat in peace, I have to shut them up while I feed the horses and JD. It makes it a lot easier to get them in if they think they are getting a snack. This is one I need another garbage can for. Corn is good for animals in moderation. If they get out and get into it, it can make them sick or worse.


Meadow Mate


This is for the young does and Ransom. Meadow Mate is a premixed feed for young adult or adult goats. I could be using this for the big does, but the cost difference between this and cracked corn is about $7 a bag. Once the younger does have gotten full grown, about 2 years old, I will switch them over and not feed this until they are towards the end of pregnancy and/or milking.


I have the All Stock feed around because of the sheep. Honestly, it is a safe feed for Goats, Horses, Cattle, Sheep or Pigs. I could feed it to everyone, but cost wise that is not the best plan. When you figure I am feeding roughly 57 pounds of feed a day, that’s slightly over a bag a day. If I used just All Stock that would be about $292.80 a month, just for the big animals.


Chicken feed



I buy ground chicken feed for the chickens and ducks. I add a little bit of the cracked corn to this. Because it is a bird feed I have it in a container.


Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pellets


Don’t forget the rabbit and guinea pig feed in their containers. They have to eat too!


Little animal hay


Instead of spending a fortune on timothy hay for the bunnies and guineas, I just take a couple grassy flakes out of my hay and pull them apart and stuff them in the garbage can. That way it’s close to the animals and easy to get to.


Dog food

Of course, having 2 medium sized dogs and Piper means I needed to up my dog food storage container. I buy two bags at a time, then it lasts a while longer.


Charlie and Target helping with the cat food.


Of course these guys need to eat too. I only feed them a little to keep them in my barn. That little container of cat food will last them about a month or more. I mean their job is to catch mice, so I don’t want to fill them up on cat food. As fat as they are you wouldn’t know I don’t feed them all the time!

Seems like a lot of different kinds of feed, but I guess when you have a funny farm that’s what you get!