Well, today is my birthday. It’s a big one, the big ole’ 4-0. I don’t mind birthdays, they are just another day usually. Which is why I should have suspected something when my husband started asking me to do something for my birthday!


He took me shopping for jeans! Of course they didn’t have any more in my size so I got a new shirt and a new sweatshirt. He got a pair of jeans. We are a fancy couple. He seemed pretty concerned about the time, which should have tipped me off. But no, I ignored it and went back to our bar to have a drink.


I walked in and everyone yelled happy birthday! I was surprised by that, just my friends from town. They then told me there was a present in the back room for me. Yeah,they surprised me. I couldn’t believe it. All my family and friends from all over were hiding back there! They all worked together and pulled it off.


My wonderful Aunt Bev made me this fun cake!


Mom made my favorite Red Cake!


They got me a great wine glass and lots of wine. They also had Fondue with all the fixings set up and it was delicious.


They stole hay bales from my barn and set up great decorations. I just loved it!


My best friend from high school was there!


My bestest buddy came, even though her house has been under water due to flooding.


These two I just don’t have words for. I truly am blessed in the friend department! I didn’t get a lot of pictures taken because I was having too much fun talking to everyone. I did Niece#1 in one.


My family and friends did a great job and I had the most fun I have had in long time.

Then today, was our homecoming kick off. Started with the Spirit Run.


Niece#4 and Landon came through first.


Then came Denton. He was loving this!


Niece#2 came next, she seemed to be missing most of the color.


Niece#3 was next. Having a ball with her friends.


Sister came next, I think she used her running partner as blocker for the color!


Finally Madelyn ran through. She wasn’t getting much color either.


Once everyone was done, they brought all the color back and had the final color blast. It was crazy.


These three were right in the middle!


Yup, perfectly colored!

Then we watched the Powder Puff games.


The freshman played the juniors and the freshman won.


The sophomores played the seniors and the sophomores won. That had Niece#3 playing against Niece#2. Niece#2 and the sophomores won. They also had the pork producers there making pork burger. So over all, I had a pretty darn good start to this fortieth year.