Friday’s Hunt v2.15

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt! The weeks just keep flying past. This week we have the Letter O, Week’s Favorite, and Eyes. So here we go.

Letter O this week is Oops! I love babies as much as anyone, but we seriously DID NOT need more guinea pigs! But lucky for us, Rio and Nygle didn’t care. We now have 4 adorable babies to play with.


Of course, now I have to try to figure out what we are going to do with all of them. I did find home for Nygle and Milo together with a great family. I was pleased they could go together.


Nygle, Milo, and Nico


I think Nico has been spoken for, so now we just have to find a home for 3 babies and Rio and Blue. We have decided to keep a little boy with Gizmo, since that will stop the baby situation and keep a friend for Gizmo.

My Week’s Favorite is from when I was out in the hay field. It was just one of those days that was breathtaking.


That same day, after raking for most of the day, I went to other side of the field. There was a cow out in the hay field. So I stopped raking and went to try to get her in, which didn’t work, so I quit trying to do that and went to figure out what was wrong with the fence. I found the problem, the electric fence was hooked on a cattle panel, probably a deer. Got that fixed and headed back to the truck. This is what I saw.


A whole bunch of Eyes watching me. I think they thought I should have been bringing them something.

Well that is all for this weeks Friday’s Hunt! Stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunts. And if you are in the area, the Pumpkin Patch is open today and tomorrow, with lots of fall fun and great food and cool crafts for you enjoyment!