Rio did it again

I have been checking Rio morning and night, because she was huge and I thought she was getting close. Today was the day.


There is extra little butts in there. So I got them out to see what we have.


4 more babies! This has got to stop! We are now up to 10 guinea pigs and I would really like to get down to 1, maybe 2.


As we learned with rabbits, I am terrible at sexing small animals, so we will call them Baby 1-4. Although I think my youngest and Niece#4 have already named them all. This is Baby#1.


Baby#1 again. I think it might be a boy?


I love this one. Baby #2. It’s color is so adorable.


Yeah, might be in love with this face. I think it might also be a boy?


This is baby#3, I think Niece#4 named it Cocoa. It looks exactly like Nygel.


Baby #4 is kind of a daredevil. It kept trying to jump off the table and wouldn’t sit still. I think they maybe about the craziest thing I have ever seen. So fun. Anybody want a guinea pig or 6?