What is going on here?

So I took the young rabbit does, Jewel, Jelly, Peanut Butter, Oreo, and Lucky, out to play in the grass the other day. Suddenly, I noticed Lucky acting a little aggressive and kind of male-like. I picked her up and quickly figured out the problem.


Lucky wasn’t acting male-like. Lucky is a male. Dang it, now HE will need to find a new home. I quickly put him away and went back out to check on the other 4.

Wouldn’t you know, in Lucky’s absence, Oreo was acting male-like. Oh for goodness sake! I picked her up to see why, and wouldn’t you know? Oreo isn’t acting either.


Ok great, I have another male that I don’t need. Now he will be going to a new home. My rabbit herd is thinning out a little I guess. So much for having my herd of does all set up.

So after I put Oreo away, I walk back out shaking my head, wondering why I apparently have had such a hard time this round figuring out who is male and who is female, when what do I see?

Yup, Jelly is acting like a male. Are you freaking kidding me?! Yes, I pick her and quickly put her in the now male category. Unfortunately, Denton really likes Jelly. So he may get to stay in the pet category.


Seriously? In one afternoon, my herd of 5 young meat does is down to 2. Not real happy about it, but what can you do? I guess start again!