Days get away

It always amazes me when we get to fall, how quickly we can get busy and the days just get away from me! I don’t get sat down to get my blog posts lined up for the week. Between chopping, baling hay, conferences, 4-H meeting, football games, and cross country meets, I sometimes don’t even know if I am going to make it to get groceries! My poor family is pretty good about eating sandwiches thankfully!

I did get a few pictures of the baby ducks. They aren’t really babies any more and probably need to go to a new home soon.


I still don’t understand how they are black? They almost look like the male we used t have years ago, but that is impossible.


Dad should be a white Pekin. Mom is a Welsh Harlequin, also mostly white. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


They are all happy when I refill their pool, which they promptly make a muddy mess again.

I really should have moved the chair out of the way, so you could see them preening better. But these guys are basically like a gang terrorizing the chickens. My three young ones, who turned out to be 2 roosters and a hen don’t ever get off the nests. I think they are afraid of the ducks. Wimps.


This is Barry the Barred Rock Rooster. He’s fairly friendly and I think I will let him stay. I know I said no more roosters, but he kind of changed my mind.


This is the other guy. He’s an Americana and not friendly. Daily he pecks my hand when I feed them. I think he should find another place to live.