While I am waiting

While I am waiting on Brother to get a load to dump on the grain cart, there isn’t a lot to do. Sometimes I get out and walk laps around the grain cart. If I see a rock I will pick it up. Of course I take pictures.

When Mom brings me food, I eat it!


Apple Crumble Pizza. This is a new one and it’s pretty yummy!


This is my favorite, Daddy’s Chocolate Pie. It made me so happy I ate desert first. You know life is short and all.


But a lot of the time I read. And yes, I still read actual, physical books. No technology book things here. I like bookmarks, I like turning pages. I have already finished 2 books this harvest. I really like to read in my spare time. Of which I don’t have a lot except in the winter. I read a lot of books in the winter. It makes time go faster and I can relax a little while I read.


Are there babies in there?

I have been noticing lately that there is some unusual looking bellies in the barn yard.


Dolly has rounded out and bag appears to be filling up.


Diana appears to also be filling a little bag and getting round.


Even Janet has more of bag than she has.

I had the bucks in with them in June so they could be due the 1st of November until the 19th of December. Not really my ideal time to be having kids, but with so many of my does not getting breed this spring I wanted to try to get some kids on the ground. I guess we will see how this works.

Combining Beans

So we have been finishing combining beans. 20161020_141416.jpg

There’s a lot of beans out there.


I watch the combine go by a lot.


This is basically the set up where ever we are unloading. This happens to be at the bin at Sisters house.


Unloading in the wagon from the cart.


Unloading the wagon into the auger hopper and up into the bin they go!


We move through the field and the acres are cleared.


The days start to fade, but the process continues.


I love watching the sun set over the hills.


Eventually, the day fades and he rolls on. It was really dusty that day. I could barely see him driving right beside him. It is always good to get another field done.

Whoa! What Stinks?

There has been a funny awful smell around here lately.


It gets worse as this guy walks up. Poor former bottle baby, he just wants scratches. However, DO NOT touch him.


Don’t let those big eyes suck you in. You cannot get that smell off your hands or clothes. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

This goof I have had to touch nearly every single day the last two weeks.


For some reason, he has decided that he needs to get his stuck in the fence. Every single day. I am probably going to have to do something to fix that.

Hopefully all the girls are breed soon and the smell can tone it’s self down. Oh, well. At least they are handsome.



Some days, you have pretty good help. Other days, you have…


Well, she is actually a pretty good helper. She even finished shoveling out the bin with her mom and dad. At times though she can sure be a pretty silly little Niece#5.


Here she is trying to figure out what is wrong with the sweep auger. We didn’t really get it figured out until her dad got back. But she was sure trying and she came up with pretty creative reasons as to why it wasn’t turning. I think she is going to be a great asset to her dad one of these days.

When things break down

One of my least favorite parts of farming is easily breaking down. I am not good at fixing much mechanical. I mean really who made up the system of wrench sizes anyway?! I am getting a little better, but I have an extremely long way to go before I am what would be considered useful.


So when things do break down, we need a lot of tools. I say we, and I really mean Brother. I bring him a lot of tools.


I mean it takes a lot of tools.


Luckily Brother knows what he’s doing. Thankfully SIL is very useful. And I am learning what most of these piles of these tools are named and used for. I really do wish I could do more, I love watching and learning, maybe someday I will be able to fix something on my own!

Friday’s Hunt v. 2.17

Welcome back to another Friday’s Hunt! What a beautiful week it has been here in Iowa! We are busy and going to stay busy here the next few weeks so I missed linking up with the rest of the Friday’s Hunters! Bummer, but you can still go┬ácheck them out at Eden Hills┬áThis week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and Fall or Spring.

For Letter Q, I am doing Quitting Time. Our Quitting Time is all over the place during the fall. Of course the days are getting shorter, so being up before the sun and going to bed long after it set is not unusually. We are currently working on beans. 3 fields down, 2 more to go.


My Weeks Favorite is of the bright moon, although it was a little hazy, while I was unloading one evening. And of course I love any picture with the M in it!


Fall is the time of harvest around here. These three get to see a lot of action during the fall.

20161020_141850 (2).jpg

Thanks for joining me for another Hunt!