Cross Country

I don’t know about you, but I am not much of a runner. In fact, I have long said, if you see me running, take off, because whatever is behind me is BAD!! Because I will try to stay and fight off most things. So seriously, if I am running, GO! My daughter however, for some reason, loves running. Long distances. Very long distances. Which means I get to go enjoy Cross Country meets.

Now when my oldest nieces went out for Cross Country the first time, we knew nothing about it. It wasn’t even something I could have done in high school. We have been learning a lot the last 6 years. Since the last meet was close by and at a camp ground and lake, the team and parents have potluck afterwards. But first the running end of it.


That’s Madelyn in the front, doesn’t she look like she is having a great time? She has had a cold for about a week and was really struggling to breathe this race. But she managed to knock over a minute off her time last year, which is pretty impressive. I know she wasn’t super happy with her performance, but I always am. If she finishes I am thrilled. The fact that she usually finishes pretty well is all the more impressive. The effort these kids put in, and the fact that they do it, makes me a fan of their heart!

Once all the kids were done running, we headed over to the camp ground were a couple parents had brought their campers and hosted the gathering.


On the way I stopped to take a couple pictures of the lake. This is at Hickory Grove Park in Colo, Iowa. They ran clear to the far side of this picture and back to were I am standing.


This is over closer to the campground. It was a beautiful day although a little chilly. Especially when I thought I brought my sweatshirt and instead had grabbed Madelyn’s small. It didn’t fit on my arms!


Just down from the campgrounds, looking back towards where I was in the first picture.


Once the team all filtered in, it’s chow time.


These moms can cook! The food was amazing and it’s always fun to sit and relax with the kids and their parents.


I almost needed another plate! This is one of my favorite traditions.

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