Why they are fat

My darling Scarlet. She is my beautiful herd queen, the protector of the ‘big’ girls, terrorizer of the ‘little’ girls and half the time the boys, and a total glutton.


I thought for sure that she and her daughter Janet were pregnant this spring. Again this summer. And even sort of thought they were again this fall. I am starting to think they are just fat. And I think I figured out why.

Each morning when I feed JD the calf his grain, I bring the girls in and give them a little grain. In the evening, I give them a little hay. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if Indi would not slip through every pipe gate on the farm whenever someone is eating on the other side.


Diana, Dolly, Indi, Tawny, and Button

I have 7 goats in this group, ranging in age from Dolly who is 5 to Janet who is a the lone yearling.  I have 3 feeders in this pen. Here you see 5 at one.



Janet and Scarlett


Here are the other two. Guess who the herd princess is? Yes Janet. She is bossy just like her mother. Janet gets one to herself, and Scarlett gets one for herself. Good Grief ladies. You can share. So then I went back in the evening.


Tawny, Indi, Diana, and Dolly


This time, Button isn’t even allowed up to eat. She just hangs back in the corner. Meanwhile…


Here we see Scarlett has pulled an entire flake of hay down and is enjoying it herself while daughter Janet is in the middle of the feeder. All four other girls that are allowed to eat there are crowded in the corner.

I guess it isn’t really a mystery why they are so fat.