While in the hay field raking on Wednesday, I was visited by a couple bugs. A few I didn’t mind. One was a little bothersome, but I got him off me and watched him run off.


I have no idea what kind this is. I tried about 12 different sites to try to figure out what it might be. It was tiny, as you can tell from the size of it next to my arm hair! It just rode along with me for about 3 rounds. I finally stopped, reached in my back pocket, with the arm it was riding on, and took this picture. Friendly little guy.


Wooly bear! According to folklore, if the band of brown is larger that the bands of black the winter should be mild. According to the Farmer’s Almanac this winter is supposed to be harsh. So I think this wooly bear might be a bit confused.


Creepy huge spider! I think it is a wolf, but I am terrible at identifying bugs. It was extremely fast once I got it off my leg. The amount of aerobics I did to get it off me will not be discussed here. Let’s just say, I don’t need to work out for a while. I am not terrified of bugs, but I am not a fan of some of them on me. Spiders are the ones that if they are on me, I tend to act a little irrational. Thankfully I noticed him after I parked the tractor and rake.

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