Joking with Mom

Mom tends to be a worrier. I tend to be a joker. Mom went to visit her dear friends in Minnesota for the week. While she was gone, it rained 2+ inches. I sent her a text.

“You lost a branch in your driveway”

She told her friends. They were all concerned about damage and the mess. Then I sent her this picture.


“I will work on cleaning it up before you get here.” 

All I got in response…

“Very funny”

I did have to tell her the main reason I even sent it was Niece#5 was so concerned that Gramma wouldn’t even be able to get home. Mind you, Brother and I both just drove in the driveway past the ‘Branch’. I think she could have made it, but I cleaned up the big mess so Niece#5 didn’t have to worry about it.