Well, more walking…

So we got between 2.2″ and 2.7″ inches of rain Thursday night. Brother had a little less than I did. Since the Jungle pasture is closer to me, I get to check the gaps. Of course since it rained so much, and I just moved the new cows to the back section, and I can’t drive back there, I guess I will just walk! Now, if Brother was here, with his truck, he would probably drive. But there are a couple things to keep in mind, 1)he is a better mud driver than me, if he gets stuck, he can get himself out, if he wrecks or breaks something on his truck he can fix it himself, I can’t, and my truck is not in as good a shape or as big as his. So I walk.


Wait there for me ok?


This is the hill where it really becomes questionable. The bottom is really sloppy when it’s wet. It has had a puddle in the bottom the last 3 weeks or so. Plus this side hill is always a wet spot. I am not willing to tear up the path we have to drive, or slide off into his hay field.


This is the tire track I normally drive through. You can see my boot track. Imagine what my truck would have done at about 1000 pounds more than me!


At top of the other side of the hill, I only have to walk to those trees and then through them to get to the back gap. With the clouds, you can’t see what an amazingly beautiful day it was.


As soon as I got to the bottom of the hay field where I could cross the fence into the pasture, I could hear the roar of the creek. I was here yesterday and crossed the creek in just my cowboy boots and didn’t get them wet. Hearing a roar worried me. I was sure my gaps were gone. I was a little relieved to see that the log jam held and didn’t get washed down stream towards the gap.


All three strands are still there! I couldn’t believe it! This is the spot I crossed yesterday. It was about an inch deep. I would say judging by the post in the middle, it’s about 2 feet deep today. Even though the bottom wire is under water, which shorts out the fence, the fact that it is there means the cows will stay in. Good, two more gaps to check.


The cows are right by the gap in between the middle and the back section. I almost thought they were on the middle side. You can see the creek from the top of the hill, which is unusual.


Nope the gap is there, also under water, but there. Of course you can see flood waters don’t bother the cows. They are just relaxing, having a spa day.


I made it back from this section, this is the tracks I made on just the front grass path heading in. I hate that.


So on to the next gap on the other side of the pasture. They aren’t in this section, but I am always supposed to check it, in case they do get into the middle, they would be free for days. Wait here for me, again old truck.


I usually drive down this path, but it was really sloppy and I am not willing risk this either. Once you tear ruts in a path, especially if you get stuck and someone has to come pull you out, it’s a mess forever. since we have to drive this path to harvest and check fences, again I am walking!


Speaking of harvest, this corn is looking really good! The ears are huge!


Just down this hill is the creek. I can hear it already. This one kind of has a hole under it, last year when Brother and Big Nephew were fixing it after it had flooded, they were in up to their waist. That would be almostĀ chest deep on me. I don’t like water, so I have to get creative if this one is out.


On the way, I had to stop at the little stream and check out the little waterfall. It’s really flowing today!


Just down from that one is another one. I love waterfalls, even little ones. This flows into a pretty good sized pool and then in to the big creek.


Thank goodness! Gap #3 is in!! While the creek is full, obviously we didn’t have a lot of sticks or limbs flowing in it. This side the fence is working since the gap wire is out of the water. So we are all good here!


One little thing I should mention. See that little red spot on the handle of my fencing pliers? Do NOT touch that while checking the fence. It is not insulated anymore and will shock you. Brother has pretty good fencers. Trust me.


Now the trick is to back out of this lane. It’s just added difficulty when you can’t see the lane and there is standing water on both sides of you. It’s ok, I made it.