New Jungle Cows

So after I got the fall calving herd into the corral the other day, Brother came and got them and took them home. He then brought the cows he weaned over to the jungle. So now, they are in the front part that the fall calvers have already eaten down. First job this morning, move them to the back if I can, at the very least the middle part.

Since most of these are older cows, they have been here before. When I pulled up they were waiting for me at the gate to the middle. I counted them and opened the gate and they were off.


I guess they remember the way.


On around the bend.


Following each other, not even looking for food through the middle part of the pasture.


Up to the next gate to wait for me to let them through.


They were very happy to be let in the back section, lots of lush green grass back here.


Didn’t take them long to spread out, munching all along the way.


There they go. I love smart, calm cows.