Out walking

I have had to a lot of walking lately. I sure don’t mind because I can always use the exercise! First I had to get the fence at the South Farm working. When I put up the fencer the other day and hooked up the first jumper wire, the fencer dropped. Brother always says when that happens, you have to walk and find the short. So I parked my truck at the beginning and took the machete and walked that section again. I found it, a cedar tree had grown up in the fence line and pushed the hot wire to the next wire, shorting it out. Easy fix. Of course now my truck is on the other side of the farm. Instead of walking all the way back through the tall grass, I took the road.


Yeah, it’s on the other side of those trees.


Just down this road and around the corner. Of course a utility worker had to drive by while I am walking down this road in the middle of no where, with no house or vehicle in sight, while I am swinging my machete. He thought I was crazy. He stopped reluctantly to ask if I was ok. He laughed after I told him why he I was walking out here with machete. I think he was a little worried!


Just me and my shadow, usually!


There it is! I am always happy to see it. I can have a drink of tea as soon as I get back. Thankfully, there isn’t a lot of traffic on this particular road, so I didn’t have to explain myself but once.