Checking the Fall Calvers

So Brother sent me out to check the fall calving herd and get them moved to the front part of the pasture so he could go ahead and move some more home. I called them and they came running. I was looking them over for signs of getting ready to calve, when I noticed one that looked like her bag had been sucked. Oh great! That means there is a calf. In the Jungle pasture. The Jungle is a little better explained here.

So now, I have to find a calf. I was very lucky today. I heard it’s tiny moo. It didnt’ sound to far away and the cow perked up and started toward the baby moo. So I headed that way too. She looked a little bothered that I was headed towards the calf. So we walked together and up at the top of the hill, where there was a gate to get them into the front part, there was a healthy little heifer calf.

I called the rest of the cows and they, being the easy going cows that they are, headed over to us. I opened the gate and they ran right through!


911 cow and calf. Now, Brother left me 3 bales of hay at the road to coax them into the corral. So back to my truck and I headed around to the corral. I got out and noticed that they are actually heading towards me already! These old girls might be trained pretty well. I called twice and I saw the calf coming with its mother! If I could at least just get them in!

Nope, got them and all the rest in. they waited at the gate while I threw the hay over and closed the gate. Got them already for Brother to bring the trailer and take them home to the calving pen. Thanks for being good ladies!


After the rain we had last week, I went to check cows and fences. The cows weren’t doing much because it was fairly warm. I had one bull out in the wrong section of our pasture due to a tree having fallen on the fence. I got him back in and Brother came later in the afternoon and removed it.

While searching for the missing bull, I was walking the creek in case he was relaxing there. He wasn’t but I did come across a couple waterfalls.


You can kind of see that this tree is in the middle of two small ravines. The creek is a small one but since the tree is in the middle the creek goes on both sides.


On the west side is a fairly small water fall, it almost appears to come out from under the tree. Upon closer inspection, it does indeed go under the roots and come out about half way down.


The east side also goes under and through some of the roots, but it is a little higher. It’s got a pretty deep pool at the bottom. I stuck a stick in the pool after I tried stepping in it and went to the top of my boot. I would guess about 2 feet deep or better right under the falls. The pool is only about 3 feet wide and 5 feet long.


I walked up to the top to see what the other side looked like. The tree is basically blocking the creek. You can see that the creek has taken away some of the dirt around the tree exposing the roots and then the water flows through them. It’s a pretty neat little area.

2 Days! That’s all that’s left until opening day at Eden Hills Pumpkin Patch! There is all kinds of new fun set up for you and your family to enjoy!