Grapes, the Final Steps

Ok, I think I have everything I need to finish up! Quick trip to town for more sugar and a couple more boxes of Certo.


You need one pouch of Certo per batch and 7 cups of sugar. That is a lot, but it is sooo yummy! I had to wash up the jars and make sure I had enough lids.

Since I haven’t done this all in one day, which would have been easier, I have to reheat the juice. I am doing 2 batches at a time.


Then you add the sugar and stir in.


7 cups per batch, so with 2 batches in the pot, I had to add 7cups, stir, and add 7 more and stir again.


Then you heat to a rolling boil and add the Certo before bringing back to rolling boil.

Meanwhile I was getting my jars ready. Mom always said having the jars hot before you put the lids on them helps them seal better. So after the jars are all washed and clean, I put them back in the sink and pour boiling water over them.


I am going to need a lot of jars I think.

Once the Jelly Jam is ready to be put in the jars, I take them out and drain them a few minutes before filling them.


Then it’s time to fill them up.


Once they are filled, you quickly put the lids on them and tighten. Then you let them sit and hope they set up!

I ended up with 14 jelly jars and 21 pint of Grape Jelly Jam. Should be good to go for the year!