Grapes, Again

So we left the grapes soaking, to remove any bugs or grass or whatever might be sticking to them. Once they have soaked for about an hour, I get a clean colander and bowl and take them off the stems and then rewash them.


Once that is done I start weighing them. The recipe calls for 3 pounds of grapes.


This bowl full is usually pretty close to 3 pounds. My scale shut off before I got the picture taken but once I have enough for one batch, I put them in my big pot.


Then you add 1/2 cup of water per 3 pounds of grapes. My pot holds 6 pounds at a time. Once they come to a boil, I turn them down and simmer them for about 10 minutes or until I think they are pretty mushy.


This is where we enter the Jelly Jam variation. Instead of putting the cooked down grapes into cheese clothe and letting the juice drip out and then squeezing the remaining little bit of juice out, I put the grapes into my tomato juicer spinny thing (yes I think that is the technical name of this contraption) I spin the grapes until all I am left with is skins and seed.


There isn’t much left and the juice is actually a little thicker and you get more out of them. I always put what I call the guts in another, smaller colander to drain again. As the guts sit a little extra juice drips off into the bowl beneath.


This I just pour into the juice container after I am done juicing all the grapes.


When I was done cooking down both bowls of grapes, I ended up with 26 cups of juice!! Each batch of Jelly Jam needs 4 cups of juice, so that means a little over 6 batches this year!

Take another break because I don’t have enough sugar for that! See you back here tomorrow!


Don’t forget we are just a few days from Opening Day at Eden Hills Pumpkin Patch! Teresa has all kinds of fun lined up just for you!


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