Grapes, Day 1

Mom called and the grapes at my Great Uncles are ready. So I grabbed my bowls and headed off. Grapes are pretty important around here. My kids only eat grape jelly jam. Yes jelly jam. We made up the word to explain what it is we make. Which I will explain to you.


He just has the vines in his back yard. They aren’t huge, but they sure produce!


As soon as you get close you can smell them! Of course I tried a few to make sure they were tasty again this year. Ok, I tried a bunch.


They are pretty close to perfect this year. Such a pretty little bunch.


We loaded up all of our bowls pretty quickly. We didn’t even come close to getting them all.


Once I got my two bowls home I filled them both with water to get the bugs and grassĀ and what have you off. While they soak I was bust getting out what I would need for the next step, which would be cooking them down, but you can swing on back tomorrow for that! See you then.