Early Morning Adventure

Madelyn has been wanting a girlfriend for Jersey.


Jersey is our Beveren buck. We are absolutely in love with this guy. His temperament and beauty stole our hearts. When we purchased him in April, we spoke to the couple we got him from about the possibility of getting a female from them in the future to breed him too. They agreed and would be watching and working to getting a female that would fit our needs. They found one.

So early Sunday morning, Madelyn and I left to go meet her and bring her home. By early, I mean still dark. We got to watch the sun come up.

20160904_063126 (2)

The picture doesn’t actually do the sunrise justice! It was breath taking! I just had to stop and take a picture. It was about 2 hours to our destination. We were so excited when we arrived.


This is Bluebell. Isn’t she beautiful! Hannah and Neill raised her themselves and what a sweetheart!


This face! Oh my gosh, I love it. She wouldn’t sit still for a picture but that might have to do with being in a small cage in the truck for 2 hours and all the new smells.

We are going to wait a couple months before we breed her. We are so thankful to have mentors teaching us about this amazing breed.

Don’t forget we are just a week away from the Opening Day at Eden Hills Pumpkin Patch!  You will want to stop by and visit Teresa and all her fun this fall!

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