Gosh Darn It!

I was on my way home from raking Brothers hay field. Cruising along and singing to the radio with the windows down enjoying a beautiful Labor Day. When all of the sudden, my truck starts dinging and I look down and see “Engine Coolant Hot” and realize the temp is pegged out. UGH!


Stop. Shut it off. Lift the hood. And call for help. I have a really good friend, who just a happens to be an excellent mechanic. No really, he is the best. I call him for everything. My truck is making this  sound, my truck stopped running, my truck … well you get the point. Sometimes he can talk me through what I should do. Sometimes he says have it towed to the shop. Sometimes he happens to have my spare keys at his shop and brings them to me after the keys get locked in it while we are moving cows. And like Monday, sometimes he says where are you, I will be right there.


I waited. About 20 cars went by. One person stopped to ask if I needed help. I wasn’t all that far from the highway, but I appreciated that he took the time to stop, even though he was pulling a trailer with a tractor on it and then had to back up and get back on the highway to continue on his way.


My help has arrived! Now to figure out what the problem is and where my coolant is going.


Once he added coolant and water, we looked for a leak. Nothing. So he told me to take it to his shop.


Made it to his shop where he pressurized the coolant container thingy with the pressurizer thingy and we found the leak. It just gushed out of the water pump. Sweet. So he is ordering a water pump and will put it on for me. I tell you, having a friend that will help you like this is priceless. It sure makes you feel better every time you take off in your 13 year old truck that has 240,000+ miles on it! The old girl will carry on!