My barn was completely empty this spring. I was down to only two bales. That makes me nervous. As my hay field is getting older, we figured out it’s 6 years old, it is producing less than it had been. That happens. I had a pretty good second cutting with 209 bales. I was a little nervous raking it Saturday, thinking I might get 100. That would leave me a little short on my 400 I would like to have.

Brother and Sis in law showed up with two racks on Sunday to bale it. I wasn’t sure we needed two. Thankfully, Sister had too much so she sent 62 bales with them. That made me feel a little better. We started baling.


Rack #1 filled up a little quicker than I thought it would! 109 on this one! I was pretty happy at this point, because there is already over 100 and we weren’t done! We started on the second rack. Brother started to think maybe they wouldn’t all fit, with 62 already on the second rack. He restacked some of it, so we could maybe get them all on it.


He had me get off when we got towards the front so he had room to throw them up. This is a little longer rack than the other one. Going 7 high, he was able to get about 140 bales on it!


Brother is fairly tall. I say fairly, I mean really tall. That is a heck of big load!  The grand total off my field was 185! I was very happy. On the year we put 453 bales in the mow! It is packed. Between Madelyn, Sis in Law, Brother and I, we were able to peak the barn out and fit them all. This is the most I have ever had and now I can go into winter not worried about feed for the critters!


Filled clear to the peak!


It makes me so happy!

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