Checking fence

Brother asked me to check the South Farm fence. Since there was nothing else real pressing to get to, I took the dogs.


I took all three. One baled out before I got the tailgate down. She was a little excited. The other two just stood there like come on, let us out!


Oh happy dogs! They just love adventures. I planned to just walked the perimeter. They ran an extra couple miles, just checking things out.


We found a place where deer had been bedding down.


The fall weeds are blooming. We came across these little yellow ball flowers.


They are actually very pretty up close!


With as many pictures as I take of pretty weeds, I really should start learning the names of them.


These little white ones were super tiny! But up close they were cute!


They were so small. About half the size of my pinky nail.


And yet another one. The pasture was full of pretty flowering plants. It was also full of other things.

20160902_183541 (2)

While the webs are pretty cool, they were everywhere! Of course there haven’t been any cows in this pasture recently, so they have had the run of the long grass. My kids would have been having a fit. I thought it was awesome to watch them drop out of sight at the first movement of the grass around their web.


The dogs were just happy to running and jumping and playing and exploring all the smells.


Nala wanders off alone a lot, but she always finds us.


Bo exhausts himself doing the boxer bounce through all the tall grass and eventually ends up following me in my path so closely he trips me up.


Piper is uncoordinated and ends up lagging behind. But she seems pretty happy to lope along at her own pace.


Worst thing about walking a pasture in the fall? Burrs. I swear every plant out there has burrs on them. I still don’t have them all off my tank top. I may just give up and throw it away. I don’t love burrs.


By the time I got to the top of the hill where we left the truck, the dogs had given up on me all ready.

20160902_185307 (2)

They were ready to go take a nap for the rest of the day.

Oh and the fences were all good!

6 thoughts on “Checking fence

  1. What you have found there (the yellow ball shaped flowers) is Bidens connata, or purple-stemmed tickseed. That is one of the culprits that left burrs on you!


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