Trying to win

Indi and I have been having a battle for years now. She refuses to stay in. REFUSES! I get so mad when I walk out and find her in the hay field. Not only does she get through the electric fence, but if I shut them in the lot, she squeezes through the gate, then darts under the electric fence and into the hay field. I will not loose this battle.

Yeah, yeah, she’s cute.

But she is aggravating to say the least. I haven’t figured out completely how to stop the sneaking through the pipe gates at the end of the lot without replacing them. I have found what I want for gates when I do replace them which will happen one day.

20160831_173859 (2).jpg

I did temporarily patch the pipe gates with twine so she can’t slip through. She is confused for the time being.

But first and most importantly, to keep her in the pasture and out of the hay field.


Keep in mind when I built this fence originally this was just for horses. And for some reason my horses completely ignore the electric fence as far as they know it’s there so it doesn’t even need to be on and they won’t bother it. But now that we have goats, it needs fixed. I wanted to put up woven wire fence, but doing that alone, is well, not going to happen. So what I can do, is build more electric fence. That will surely stop her. Won’t it?

First up, Brother is always saying that if they (animals, although he is usually talking about cows) sense that the fence is on they will leave it alone. But you often have to make sure there is nothing like tall grass or weeds on it, especially if it is dewy or wet that would short it out. So I got Brothers string trimmer and cleaned up under the fence.


That’s better. And I discovered that my fence is longer than I thought remembered. Then on to more and not so janky (yes that’s a made up family word) insulators. I got one package. That is not going to be enough. Neither is the one roll of electric tape I got.


I got 4 strands done. Not enough. So back to the store I go.


That should do it. Now I have to not only add the extra insulators to the post that are already there, but I also have add about 9 posts. Here we go.


We loaded the truck and took it so we didn’t have to keep walking back and forth and we definitely couldn’t carry everything. I was lucky enough to have Niece#4 who loves to help! She mostly guarded me from a pest that wouldn’t leave us alone.


Do you ever feel like you are being followed? He was in an ornery mood and thought it was great fun to headbutt the truck. Niece#4 kept him under control with the cattle paddle.


He finally left to eat, so we got the posts added. We then got the other two strands put up with all the new insulators. Niece#4 got really good and putting the pins in the insulators.

After we got everything working, I turned the girls back out into the pasture.


I think the little girls were kind of hoping they would also get to go out in the big pasture. Sorry girls, not yet.

I will watch the next couple days to see if this will stop Indi. It should.

I hope.