Friday’s Hunt 2.9

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt! Thanks again to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting. This week our prompts are Starts with J, Week’s Favorite, and Surprise.

Starts with J is JD, again. He’s such a goof most of the time. I need to brush him and clean him up, but I still think he’s a pretty good looking boy.


My Weeks Favorite is of the Cross Country team huddled before they run. This is an amazing group of girls and I am proud that my daughter gets to be a member.


Surprise! What are you doing up there? Indi made me angry by getting out, again. Not in the hay field but was trying to get to JD’s food. Which, he needs to eat all of so I can make sure that he isn’t off feed, but also I put an extra protein that is for cattle (NOT GOATS INDI!). So she went into goaty jail for a little bit. She was not happy. Someday, maybe she will learn.


Thank you for joining me again for another weeks Friday’s Hunt! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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