Oh Boys

I got home the other night and notice my boys were feeling frisky. They were running around the pasture so I went to grab the camera.


Chevy is a baby so it isn’t really surprising to see him acting ornery and full of it.


This caught me a little off guard! Chrome is an old man. Seeing him play and feel good makes me so happy. I think Chevy might be good for Chrome. He rarely get more than one foot off the ground at a time without tripping. I am feeling like that might just be laziness!


Off they ran again. I lost them over the hill. They are so fun to watch and beautiful when they play! Hopefully Chrome doesn’t pull a muscle.


Cross Country

I don’t know about you, but I am not much of a runner. In fact, I have long said, if you see me running, take off, because whatever is behind me is BAD!! Because I will try to stay and fight off most things. So seriously, if I am running, GO! My daughter however, for some reason, loves running. Long distances. Very long distances. Which means I get to go enjoy Cross Country meets.

Now when my oldest nieces went out for Cross Country the first time, we knew nothing about it. It wasn’t even something I could have done in high school. We have been learning a lot the last 6 years. Since the last meet was close by and at a camp ground and lake, the team and parents have potluck afterwards. But first the running end of it.


That’s Madelyn in the front, doesn’t she look like she is having a great time? She has had a cold for about a week and was really struggling to breathe this race. But she managed to knock over a minute off her time last year, which is pretty impressive. I know she wasn’t super happy with her performance, but I always am. If she finishes I am thrilled. The fact that she usually finishes pretty well is all the more impressive. The effort these kids put in, and the fact that they do it, makes me a fan of their heart!

Once all the kids were done running, we headed over to the camp ground were a couple parents had brought their campers and hosted the gathering.


On the way I stopped to take a couple pictures of the lake. This is at Hickory Grove Park in Colo, Iowa. They ran clear to the far side of this picture and back to were I am standing.


This is over closer to the campground. It was a beautiful day although a little chilly. Especially when I thought I brought my sweatshirt and instead had grabbed Madelyn’s small. It didn’t fit on my arms!


Just down from the campgrounds, looking back towards where I was in the first picture.


Once the team all filtered in, it’s chow time.


These moms can cook! The food was amazing and it’s always fun to sit and relax with the kids and their parents.


I almost needed another plate! This is one of my favorite traditions.

Why they are fat

My darling Scarlet. She is my beautiful herd queen, the protector of the ‘big’ girls, terrorizer of the ‘little’ girls and half the time the boys, and a total glutton.


I thought for sure that she and her daughter Janet were pregnant this spring. Again this summer. And even sort of thought they were again this fall. I am starting to think they are just fat. And I think I figured out why.

Each morning when I feed JD the calf his grain, I bring the girls in and give them a little grain. In the evening, I give them a little hay. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if Indi would not slip through every pipe gate on the farm whenever someone is eating on the other side.


Diana, Dolly, Indi, Tawny, and Button

I have 7 goats in this group, ranging in age from Dolly who is 5 to Janet who is a the lone yearling.  I have 3 feeders in this pen. Here you see 5 at one.



Janet and Scarlett


Here are the other two. Guess who the herd princess is? Yes Janet. She is bossy just like her mother. Janet gets one to herself, and Scarlett gets one for herself. Good Grief ladies. You can share. So then I went back in the evening.


Tawny, Indi, Diana, and Dolly


This time, Button isn’t even allowed up to eat. She just hangs back in the corner. Meanwhile…


Here we see Scarlett has pulled an entire flake of hay down and is enjoying it herself while daughter Janet is in the middle of the feeder. All four other girls that are allowed to eat there are crowded in the corner.

I guess it isn’t really a mystery why they are so fat.

Day trips

Denton came home from school and told me his teacher had told him about the STEM Science Fair at Iowa State University. He is always mad at me because we never go anywhere. He’s  8 years old and never even been out of state! Who knew that was so important? So, since we were waiting on hay to dry, I took him.


There was a lot of really neat things to see and do. For those of you who, like me, don’t know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We got to see the plastics and metal 3D printers. It was quite interesting! We also got to check out a wide variety of other projects, from foods to robots. I will be honest, I think I had as much fun and found it as interesting as Denton did.


While we were in Ames, I took Denton to a few of the buildings I had classes in, and by the place I lived while I attended ISU. He really wanted to see Jack Trice Stadium, so we swung by and took a picture of him in front of the new South End Zone Entrance. It’s really something, I haven’t been to a game yet to see it.


We also found a Cy statue and had to get a picture of it.


Then probably the best part of the day for him, Buffalo Wild Wings! They do have delicious strawberry lemonades.

A few days after the STEM fair I had a good friend contact me with a question. Did I want to use their tickets to the ISU game on Saturday? Uh…YES!! How excited was I to tell Denton that he could actually go to a game?


I even got him to wear a Cyclone shirt (he thinks he is an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I am trying to convert him) and he thought this was pretty great!


We got to see Cy the mascot, and watch former coach Dan McCarney be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which was very neat! I even got to see a couple former players I knew from my time at Iowa State.


Our seats were by the North End Zone. This is the end the players enter from.


It’s a beautiful stadium and I love being able to go and share this with Denton. This shows a little of the South End Zone. When I was a student it was just a grassy hill.


The band was pretty impressive and Denton thought the whole thing was just pretty neat. He loved jumping up and giving the guys sitting around us high fives when ISU scored.


There’s the student section. They get pretty into it, and seem to have a blast, win or lose, over there. ISU did win this one and played pretty well for a change. Over all, I would say Denton can lay off me after these days out and about!



Friday’s Hunt v2.13

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt, hosted by my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. Don’t forget that the Pumpkin Patch is open! For more information or directions please go to Eden Hills Market. It’s really a fun time for young and old alike. Hopefully this rainy weather we have been experiencing will clear up. Back to this weeks prompts, we have the Letter M, Weeks Favorite, Work.

Letter M this time is for Maternity. Again. Yes Rio is pregnant again! I am going to be over run with guinea pigs! I was slow to put the first litter up for sale because, #1 I wanted the kids to play with them because they were cute and fun, and #2 I am terrible at sexing baby guinea pigs. Well, she is going to have more, I would say shortly.


This Week’s Favorite is probably my favorite view in the world. Yup, just the back of my horses head. It means we went riding finally! He was pretty pumped to be out and full of energy. But it, to me is more relaxing than anything else and is definitely my happy place!


My Work this week consisted of this field. Early in the week we had beautiful drying weather and this hay turned out really good. We square baled a little over half of it and got 798 bales. I have to admit, I love raking hay. It’s so beautiful when you are done. I also love square baling. Especially being on the rack. Learning to stack them correctly and being able to do it is something I really enjoy. But I love work that you can see the progress also. You start with a field of hay mowed, by the time you are done, you have a barn full. It’s just beautiful.


Thank you for joining me for another week! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!