Dinner out

Mom and I decided to go to our seed dealers customer appreciation supper. I use ‘our’ fairly loosely. Mostly they have been Mom and Brothers seed dealer for years and I get to go because they are wonderful people. I have never been to one before but it was a really good time! I do love going places with Mom and of course there were lots of neighboring farmers and wives there. We got to visit and enjoy an evening inside while it rained outside.


The decorations were amazing. I should have known, our seed dealer is a pretty creative lady!



The tables looked really festive and I especially loved the braided corn wall hangings! Aren’t they fun? I am sure all the farmers notices.


While waiting for supper to be served, they had ears of corn with their individual information laid out to look out and read. I thought this was pretty interesting. Most of the ears this year are huge. Of course I was excited to get my very first real own Pioneer hat.


Most everybody brought an ear of corn with them from their field. Mom and I will have to take one next time. The corn sure is looking good and it was neat to see the varieties from around the area.


After the meal there was a short presentation. It was extremely interesting to me. They went out and took pictures of the same field once a week and showed how it grew and explained cetain points of growth as affected with the dry weather of June. They also showed some new technology that allows you to better use fertilizer where you need it and less where you might not need so much, how plants that start out stunted do and how this crop is doing growth wise compared to the last 5 years. I also enjoyed hearing more about some of the sicknesses that the plants can get, but was interested to hear that they really aren’t seeing much this year. Finally we were able to pick a gift from the gift table.


Now, this might not seem as fun to you as it was to me. All my life growing up, Mom had Pioneer paring knives. We used them forever and eventually the Pioneer symbol would wear off. We used these knives all the time. I finally have my own!


It was a simple evening with friends and Mom, and I learned a few more things that were really interesting to me.

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