The problem with the fencer.

You might remember me being confused as to why the fencer at the jungle wasn’t working and I had to replace it in A short day . It has been bugging me. I had just checked the fences, how could it not be working?

I thought maybe it had been struck by lightening. But found it odd that it would happen to another fencer in this spot.


Brother found the problem after I left it in the shop for him to take a look at. This is what the back of the of the fencer is supposed to look like.


Here’s what the one I brought home looked like. I didn’t even think to check the wire between the battery and the solar panel. Guess I again learned something new.


Can you see the chew marks? Yeah, apparently some type of little rodent like animal decided to make a snack of the wire. Really? Who knew? Well, I guess it’s just another thing for me to double check when the fencer isn’t doing anything. I hope the little bugger got zapped at least.