Cleaning out the bin

Today Brother was finishing hauling corn from the bin at Mom’s. Since he is the trucker, that leaves me as the cleaner outer. Ok, maybe cleaner outer isn’t actually a word or a position, but I am going with it.

He of course had everything set up, because he and Mom had been hauling out of this bin since last week.


Bin to the auger. And here you can see my watchers. Mom and Niece#5 are tasked with watching me and the grain cart.


We fill the grain cart then when Brother returns he fills the truck and goes again while we continue to fill the grain cart.


Doesn’t seem like much left.


The sweep auger does most of the work. It takes the corn to the auger out of the bin. I just have to make sure it is still going around, and clean up behind it.


It’s not the best look, but it sure helps with the dust.


My watchers took their job pretty seriously. Checking on me regularly.


It didn’t take long to get it cleaned out.


Once done, I sweep the floor up and the bin is all clean.


Once we got everything covered and put away, I headed home to clean up.


Because it’s that time of year! First Cross Country meet of the season. There she goes! Madelyn ran really well and placed 4th on her team. I am so proud of her. I should also mention that I am really proud of Niece#3. After her surgery and long recovery, she has been cleared to run. This was her first high school meet and the first time this season she ran the whole 3.12 miles. And she did it! Ran the whole thing and finished! Good job girls.



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