Moving Bales

Some jobs just have to be done. They take time and are kind of the same thing over and over. Like today. We were moving bales from the farm by Sisters house to Brothers House. Start by unloading the back of the trucks so the flatbeds can be hooked up. Load the skidloader, and off we go. Load both trailers.


Brother drives the skidloader, I drive both trucks. After they are loaded, he gets out and takes one and I take the other home. The first two loads we left at the farm we were at for later.


Once we get home, he gets on the 706 and unloads. He is getting quite the pile stored up. But these have to not only feed his calves he weans, but also all his cows, spring and fall herd, all winter.


This is what he had before we started unloading.


And all those on the other side of the dually. While he unloads, I unstrap the trailers and then move the trucks and bring the other one up. Only one minor mistake today. I was watching my trailer so I didn’t run down too much of his hay field that is right beside me and bumped a bale. I think I cracked his bug shield, but he isn’t convinced it wasn’t already. I hate when I do things like that!


Repeat the same process, there were 62 bales putting 8 on the dually trailer, 7 on the grey truck trailer, so we had to load and unload 4 times. Brother had to go back and get one last bale and the skidloader, but he did that after supper.

We did have a couple little helpers today. Little nephew is trying to ‘jump in’ the truck.


Niece#5 was my copilot. She is loving having to help farm. Brother is going to have some really great helpers!


Niece#5 picked me some beautiful flowers. I was supposed to keep them, so I stuck them in my hair. Because she says ‘everyone should be pretty, even when they are sweaty and gross’. I think she has a point!