After the rain

Thankfully Brother got all the hay baled before the rain Friday night. I was so relieved! He called Saturday to have me check gaps at the ‘jungle’. It’s kind of ‘my’ pasture because it is between my house and his, making it easy for me to check on my way over.


The girls were actually waiting on me when I arrived. One of these goofs was in the corn field, which is not were she should be. Right behind me here is a panel that I opened to let her back in, but of course she turned and headed down the driveway instead of turning in the gate. Since this pasture is actually right behind Sisters house, I called her to help! She came right away and we very calmly and slowly walked her back in. I was so glad she was able to come to the rescue. These lovely ladies were trying their best to get around me to join Orange #45 in the corn field. That would not have been good. Thanks for coming to the rescue Sister!

All 4 gaps were in but I was struggling with the fencer I had just replaced last week. I walked up the hill, down the hill, hooked up wires and unhooked wires. Good grief. I called Brother and he came with another fencer, but turns out it was just shorted out due to wet grass. He got it hooked up and working until I can get back over there and get the first part of the ‘jungle’ fence working and move them up. Thanks for coming to the rescue Brother! I sure did get lucky in the sibling department.

While walking I found a spring that I didn’t know was there.


It’s just bubbling up in the middle of the path. Not sure how many times I have walked this particular part of the pasture, hundreds at least, but have not seen that. It was very neat.