Friday’s Hunt 2.8

Welcome back to yet again another Friday’s Hunt! It has been a crazy week weather wise, we are currently getting yet another down pour. I am just sitting here praying Brother got the hay baled in time. So it’s time to get to this weeks prompts. We have Starts with H, Week’s Favorite, and Single.

Starts with H is a very easy one for me.


Ok, technically it doesn’t ‘Start with H’ it actually is an H! I love this tractor, I think we have bonded. Unfortunately for me, it isn’t running that well right now, so it is hanging out in the barn until Brother has time to figure it out. We really don’t use it for much, but when the M is acting up, it comes in handy!


All tucked in for the storm together. I was trying to figure out how to get to Mom’s to get a picture of the H, when Brother told me today to take the M home and put it in the barn at Mom’s! Perfect.


My Week’s Favorite is this one of the hay field. I don’t know if there is anything prettier. I know there is nothing that smells better.


For Single, there is my Single calf, JD. He’s a real pain most days. Just this week he has take 3 different pipe gates off the hinges and let himself and few other friends out. He is destroying my barn tin rubbing it, constantly head butting the water tub making a bigger muddy mess than there needs to be. Half the time I end up having to run out of the pen because since he was a bottle baby he still thinks he can butt me for fun. It is NOT fun. He tries to eat out the bucket while you are trying to pour it in the trough for him. But then, he comes up and nuzzles you gently and turns his rear around for scratches and you just can’t help but not be mad at him for almost knocking you down and spilling all his feed. I think he’s just pretty handsome.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for joining me and if you have a chance, as always, head over to Eden Hills and check out the other links.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt 2.8

  1. Love your images of the tractors! I agree with the smell of hay. I love walking in my pasture when they’ve mowed it. JD–what a boy! I remember those teenage times with MJ. I wasn’t sure I was going to survive it. (Don’t forget to link up). Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt! Have a great new week!


  2. Thank you for posting your “H” Farmall tractor. I have one, a shinny red 1:18 scale cast iron toy, also a “Super M”. I drove the “H’s” a lot growing up, two of my uncles had them and so did my cousin. I loved helping them and driving their tractors. Dad’s last tractor was a Super M, he sold it to my uncle who promised to keep it. Then he restored it and sold it, not making Dad real happy. I also have John Deere’s an older “B” and one with a number. I also have one John Deere green wagon for them to share.
    The hay looks so very nice. And that black angus steer is to die for, you may if you have to keep on chasing him.

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