Went to bed Tuesday night thinking I was going to get up and rake hay Wednesday morning. But that was not meant to be. We had a ‘pop’ up shower that dumped 2″ on us.


My lot is a sloppy disaster.


JD is obviously needing some scratched.


Once that is done, it’s time to head out and check gaps.


Of course that means walking. I don’t go down this hill in the truck, especially mine which I have said before is wimpy, after a rain.


It’s a lot of walking to check all 4 gaps and fencers. Bye Truck.


Off we go, to fencer and gap #2. I didn’t take my phone with me to the first one on the other side of the pasture.


It wasn’t working very well, which didn’t thrill me since I just replaced the one here the other day. Yes this is the same pasture the cow was out of the day before.


I got it working and checked the gap down the hill. All is well.


It’s pretty where I have to walk.


Almost there now.


Fencer #3 and gap #3 are both fine. One to go. I checked them and was glad they were both fine.

Then to find the cows.


Of course they are in the creek.


This one was belly deep. But they are all in and fine today.


Back to the truck I go. It’s parked east of the trees you see in the distance. Only 2 big hills to go. It was hot, but I got a heck of a hike in today.

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