A short day

I should always know better when Brother mentions ‘should be a short day tomorrow’ that it will NOT be a short day tomorrow. The last couple years working for him, I have noticed that what he plans and how that actually works out aren’t the same thing. When you are relying on the weather and animals and equipment and even people to cooperate, just plan on everything taking about twice as long!

So here was the plan originally. Move the cows at the Darwin 60 to the front part of the pasture and then run to Prairie City to pick up 1500 pounds of creep feed and put 500 pounds at the Maxwell 60 and 1000 pounds at the Darwin 60(these are the names we use to know which pasture of cows we are talking about). This does not sound difficult. The first 10 minutes went pretty smoothly.

The cows at the Darwin 60 were ready to be moved, waiting at the gate for me. So I counted everyone, checked eyes and opened the gate. They ran happily into the fresh green grass and yeah! Job one done. Now I just have to put the wire up to keep them out of the back section of grass. Since it was previously broken I had to try to unwind the wire so it would reach until I got back. This is were the day fell apart. The wire broke. Of course I had taken all the wire out of my truck to work on fence at home. Oh well, I will be back in like an hour with feed, so patch it up and off I go.

I am still feeling pretty good about the day at this point. Just added a little extra work. I get to Mom’s and get everything I can think off to fix the fence and head off to get Brothers truck. I can’t use mine to get 1500 pounds of creep feed. My half ton is too wimpy, so I usually use his or Mom’s 3/4 ton. As I am loading my fencing equipment into the back of his truck he yells ‘don’t take that yet’. So I wait, and then help him while he changed the U joint. When he gets that done, we loaded mineral for one pasture and I drove him to the field where he was mowing hay.



While there I realized that I didn’t get mineral for the other pasture so I had to head back to Brothers house. By this time it is almost 11:30. I head for Prairie City creep feed.


Job #2 done. I have the feed. Now to deliver it. This shouldn’t take me long. I head back and go to the Maxwell 60.


I got the 500 pounds put in and the calves were pleased. One brave soul even went in while I was there.


Then I checked the cows and calves over as they headed back out to graze.


Even calves have meals on the go.

I then head to mom’s at 1:30 to eat dinner. After I got done, I went and got back in the truck to take the other 1000 pounds of creep and just get down the road, when Brother calls and needs the little air compressor full of air, hose, blow gun, crescent wrench, shop towels and hand cleaner. I am thinking there is a problem. So I turn around and head back to Mom’s and load up with the things he needs. I head back out the driveway and get a text adding the small needle nose pliers. Back to the shop I go.



I get to the field and thankfully he is still mowing. So it must not be a serious problem. Turns out that the power steering isn’t working. He didn’t seem to be able to use field modifications to get it working so I loaded up the tools. He tells me there is a cow out in the hay field by the pond. See if it is ours and if so figure out what the problem is. So instead of going to dump creep, I go back to find the cows. Sure enough, she is ours. Ok, now what?

I go to where the cows are and count the rest, and discover the fence is indeed not working. Go to the source, the fencer. When I get there, I notice immediately that there is no ticking coming from which usually means it’s been struck by lightening. Great. Back to Mom’s for a different fencer.


Ok, back to the pasture to hook this guy up. With that done, the fence was working again. Now I still have a cow in the hay field and the rest need moved to middle section this week anyway, so I just have to figure out how to get the cow back in and then move them. Thankfully, these particular cows are very used to me so as I drove, I called to her and she followed me to the gate. Brother happened to come down the hill behind us so I opened the gate and keep the others in and he walked her in. We counted them and moved them up.

It’s now 4:30 and I am really heading to unload creep and fix the fence from this morning.


Finally! Only 20 bags to unload! Once that was done, I could start on the fence. I have no idea who did the fence originally but it is made of high tensile wire and that is fairly hard to bend.


I got all the things I needed to redo it, but that was not happening. So back up plan.


Always keep janky wire around in a pinch. I will have to bring better wire next time. I got it fixed and working.


Everyone was happily content. I headed back to Mom’s to unload the truck and then head for home about 6 pm. So that’s a look at my short day.




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