Small Town Saturday

The towns east and west of us have their town celebrations the first weekend of August. I try to make it to both a little. We started in the east in Melbourne for Mousehole Days .


First up, the parade and candy! He gets so excited when the Rhodes Fire trucks and EMS come through because they are ours!


They had lots of fire trucks and farm equipment, a few floats and this big guy. It was a pretty good small town parade.


After dinner of brats and hotdogs at the car show, where we looked at ‘really old cars from at least the 70’s’ (I don’t think Denton realizes his mom is also from the 70’s) we headed up to the park, where I watched a few friends play slow pitch and he rode the rides and played.


Evening sent us west to Maxwell for the Old Settlers Rodeo. I love rodeos. If I could grow up and do anything I would be in the rodeo. Maybe someday.


I didn’t get good pictures of every event. This is team roping. I missed getting the bareback, saddle bronc, breakaway roping, tie down roping, and steer wrestling. But they go so fast and I was watching, not thinking about pictures!


My favorite, barrel racing, which I did as a kid and would love to do again someday.


Lots of barrels knocked down tonight, but it’s always fun to watch.


This is the other job I would love at a rodeo, the pick up man. They get riders off the bucking horses, get calves out of the arena and sometimes have to help difficult bulls make their exit. 20160806_205908_003

This was one of those difficult bulls. He bucked his rider of fairly quickly.


The bull fighters (who are completely nuts but excellent at their job) rush in.


The bull turns on the judge, who didn’t wait for him to come over.


The bull fighter again tries to distract the bull while the pickup man tried to rope the bull.


They finally got him roped and after almost pulling the horse over, the horse dug his feet in and pulled the bull out of the arena. Overall it was a pretty good show for a Saturday night.

On the way out, we stopped by the Freedom Rock Memorial.


Lit up at night it is awfully pretty. Maxwell was selected as the site of the Story County Freedom Rock site a few years ago. Each county in Iowa will have one eventually.


The bricks around the Freedom Rock are engraved with vets names. Here is Dad’s.

Good day, good night.