Walking Beans

We might be old fashion but that’s ok. I like old fashion. Technology is great, but sometimes nothing beats good old fashion hard work. This is one of those times. Brother has tried spraying, but certain weeds just don’t respond to spray anymore. Like lambs quarter and water hemp. They might be stunted, but then they almost always come back stronger.


We started in the big field. We are a little short of help this year due to Niece#3 having surgery earlier this summer and Niece#2 having a stress fracture in her leg. I know they are really disappointed at not being able to help.


But Niece#5 was there helping! She doesn’t take up many rows but she is learning and trying.


Niece#4 was there and did a really good job. You can barely see her, just her red hat as she is bent down pulling a tough one while Denton takes a break. Big Nephew got in on one day before he leaves for the start of Football season.


Denton and I working? He did the whole field with us, which with half mile rows makes a mile a round. We figure we made about 10 rounds yesterday.


He was a trooper. Only complained a little mostly about being tired, which we all were, but it was a great day to get a field knocked out.


This is how you hold your hook evidently. Landon struggled a little but I think that had more to do with being tired than anything. You should have seen the energy these kids had after we were done.


Dinner time in the field with the whole crew. Brother, Mom, Big Nephew, Nieces#4 and #5, my 3 kids, Neighbor and Neighbor’s Grandson made a pretty good little group. We ended up about 3 rows short of finishing. One thing Mom is very talented at is packing a meal in a field for a crew.


We have a couple fields left and are hoping to knock them out early this week before more rain.

Wesley and Michael.jpg

Little nephew doesn’t get to spend the whole day in the field. But he sure is excited when he gets there. Especially to see his dad. Brings tears to my eyes remembering how Brother ran to Dad this way. It’s great when your hero is the guy at the end of your row.


One of my favorite statements Brother has told the kids when they complain that walking beans is the worst thing ever, “if you can do the worst job in the world well, everything for the rest of your life should be easy”. Each year the kids get better and better at it, watching Big Nephew patiently coax his sister along and check on her shows that they do grow out of the complaining stage and become leaders in the field.

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