Back home

After the fair, we get everyone settled in and moved around again. This year we had to put the boer does with Ransom when we got them home. We are hoping to get babies over Christmas Break.


Such a pretty little herd. I hope we have pretty little babies, and lots of them. Janet is so fat I am not convinced she isn’t already breed, which is fine other than I don’t know when she would be due. We brought Prim and Rue from 7th Heaven Acres to be breed as well.


Since they have been being show goats up to now, I am slowly taking grain away from them and letting them out in the grass. They are very happy when they are eating!


Everybody beats up on Junior. So I put him back in with the little guys until we sell them all. My children are not thrilled with the idea of selling Junior. He is such a sweet little guy. The babies still aren’t thrilled with being weaned, but they are getting over it.


While we were gone, the baby ducks have grown! I still can’t figure out what they are going to look like? I only have these two adult ducks and they are neither one black. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. But Harley Duck is a good momma and even Affleck Duck is being a good daddy.

We are starting to advertise and decide what we are going to do with the baby rabbits. We will be selling most of them. Think we have decide to sell most of them and 3 of the little bucks. We have also decided to let go of some of the other rabbits that are not breeding or showing well.They will be good for someone to have as pets.

I think everyone is settled in and happy to be home.