Pushing and Pulling

I told you that Big Nephew and I were tasked with clearing pastures. It has been fun and a lot of work, but I dearly love working with him and he’s becoming a pretty darn good dozer operator.mulestuck1

You may remember me telling you about that one time Brother buried Mom’s Mule?


And we had to go a little over board to pull it out?


Well, this is the reason we were in the creek in the first place. During a flood this tree either fell in the creek or was washed down through our gap. Brother had the Mule in the creek trying to get this huge tree cut up and burned. He managed to get the branches and the root ball cut off.20160801_153028.jpg

You can see the root ball way in the back where the tree originally was. As you can see the tree has moved away from the root ball and Brother would like it out of the creek before it goes around the creek and takes out another gap.


We started by trying to hook on to the front and pulling, first with one chain, then with two to get the dozer out of the water. It didn’t really matter, the tree just dug in and wouldn’t move. So back he went to the other end to try pushing.


He had to back around it or he would just dig big ruts in the creek.

20160801_155618The pushing worked for a little bit and then back to the front to pull again.


He went until the dozer started digging in again.


So back around he went. Again.


This time he made good progress! We are out of the creek. Of course this is about the time the track on the one side decided to quit working. When he wanted to turn, it would not. When he wanted to go straight, it would turn him. But Big Nephew is not a quitter. He wanted to get this tree out of the creek.


He pushed at one end, then the middle, then the other end. Back and forth until it was finally up on the grass and high enough the water shouldn’t get to it. We then had to park the dozer and got to clear the pasture the old fashion way. With our hands. Ok we cheated a little…


But we did use our hands!


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