Crazy Storm

We had high humidity and heat the last couple days. Today was the worst in a while. We were constantly getting sprinkled on. While were trying to get equipment rearranged and put away the clouds seemed to be growing and grumbling a lot for a pop up spotty shower.


They were kind of pretty clouds at first.


They didn’t look too threatening at first.


But the dark continued to grow. The thunder and eventually the lightening started. We headed to the house for a drink and to not get soaked.

It definitely was a good plan to head to the house. While sitting there enjoying the cool down break, lightening struck and seemed like it was very, VERY close to the house.

After the rain stopped we went to head back outside which is when Brother discovered we were right. It was very, VERY close to the house.


It was the tree right by the house that got struck.


You can see the damage clear to the top.


The bark was blown clear across the driveway. Unfortunately the tree is cracked through the middle. It’s a real bummer and will probably have to come down, but we are sure thankful that it didn’t come down.


You can see the garage behind Brother and Big Nephew. A little to close for comfort for sure.

We continued to have storms throughout the evening. I had to go pick up the boys from football camp early because of strong storms in town. On the way I couldn’t believe what the sky was doing.


Out my window to the south, still sunny and nice.


Out the window to the north, stormy and building. This got bad enough I had to drive slowly to be able to see. Side note, I am at a stop sign, stopped. Hopefully, other than tree damage, everyone made it through the night ok.